DNS Requests
52 814 592 000 per Year4 401 216 000 per Month146 707 200 per Day6 112 800 per Hour
DB Requests
6 749 477 028 per Year562 456 419 per Month23 435 684 per day781 189 per Hour
SPAM Handled
165 731 832 per Year13 810 986 per Month575457 per day19181 per Hour
Web Data
106 813 020GB per Year8 901 085GB per Month370 879GB per day12 363GB per Hour

This is how we do it

Proactively monitor everything, replicate for redundancy and virtualize our environments.

  • Monitor
    We monitor our infrastructure 24/7/365. Halcyon Engine is pushing thousands of metrics in real time to Coeus for processing. Coeus in its turn analyses the data and searches in its pattern database for appropriate measures. In case no pattern is detected or the current stored pattern fails it will contact an engineer and start simulating changes until an adequate measure is found.
  • Replicate
  • Virtualize

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