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Upgrade to Halcyon 5.6

We will be performing an update to the Halcyon Engine on 2017/07/10 @03:00, during this upgrade we will have a small scheduled downtime of approximatelly 1 minute to all shared hosting servers.
This upgrade will push all the new features as planned for 5.6, we will soon have a blog post with details on all the new features provided by the latest version or our web hosting engine.


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Development infrastructure update

We will be performing an update to our developemnt infrastructure, during this period you will not be able to perform commits, get pushes to the eSG Chat platform for any code update/changes and use the web code viewer.
The udpate will be performed on 2017/07/10 @01:00 and is expected to require 30 minutes.

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TFA Requirement for Services

We would like to announce that we will be requiring customers to have TFA activated for the following services from 2017/08/01.
  • DNS Management
    • All DNS functions will require that you have used your TFA key/software while getting a session key.
  • SSH Login
    • Access to SSH from customers (wherever applicable) will require TFA. If you do not use TFA your login will fail with a wrong password error.
  • Creation of CSR, Access to PEM
You have been able to use TFA for every process in our systems since 2014/06/01, unfortunately not all clients have activated the service but due to severe security

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eSGR Enterprise Chat Platform Upgrade

There will be an upgrade to ECP on 2017/06/29 22:30. During the upgrade the service will not be accesible for aproximately 2 minutes, after the upgrade all native clients and web access will require re-authentication.

Possible API issues:
  • API consumers should re-authenticate automatically but in case there is an issue in your code we will send an email and message to the account admin if previous API consumers do not re-connect 5 minutes after the service is operational.
  • The proxy service will use a new pined certificate, you may need to accept it on your side.

Best Regards,

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