Transfer to eSG

Why ?

The last couple of years it is obvious that hosting companies are trying to squeeze as much profit from their hosting services as possible by reducing stability, uptime and speed. These companies will sell sub-par services, where they host many thousands of web sites in old and under powered servers, they will only offer a minimal setup of a web server and a db without trying to even optimize it in the minimum.
eSG on the other hand is providing a highly optimized environment that utilizes the latest technologies in the field with hundreds of our own optimization tricks and custom software. Our goal with this offer is to provide these services to customers that were unlucky in choosing a bad host.

How much?

This offer allows you to move your sites to our service while we absorb part of your hosting costs from the other provider. We offer two options:
  • Just request a transfer and receive up to 6 months of your current service.
  • Receive up to 8 months of your current service if your current host is having problems or is going out of business.
With any of the above plans you can transfer your remaining hosting time to us for up to 6 months.
For example if you still have 8 months in your current host and you transfer to us for a 12 month contract then you will pay only for the 6 months. In case your host is providing bad service or is going out of business then you will pay for 4 months.

Requirements ?

There are only 2 requirements
  • Provide us with an invoice of paid services to the other host
  • Your new contract with us has to be at a minimum 12 months long.


Contact us through an email or directly here Give us the information of your current contract and provide the last paid invoice and we will provide an order containing the offer. Note that we will do the transfer for free from the other host at the minimum possible time at 99% of the times there is no downtime in the service.



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