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Members Area Updated.

Finally we managed to update the members area appearance and integrate most of our new tools. We will be adding even more functionality in the future
Most Important Changes:
The Members Area received a facelift that finally matches with our portal and even integrates some touches from our upcoming CSS upgrade our new web designer.
During the last 20 months we checked your flow in the MA and made changes in order to make most actions require less clicks.
Halcyon now reports details on your status if there is an issue.
Stored Credit is a lot easier
to manage.
Resellers have their special widget now informing them of their status, decryption key and links to assets, but expect a lot more in this area soon.
The old Network Status module has been replaced with our new real time status monitor.
The old Knowledge Base has been replaced by our new WiKi that gets more and better quality updates continuously.
A bug was fixed in the cpanel tools in the MA and now all customers have full access to them, at the same time we did some modifications to make the process almost 5 times faster.

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