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2017 Changes: Halcyon, Coeus, Go, NodeJS, MSSQL, PHP Composer

In this post I will be updating you on some of the most important planned changes for the rest of the year and including 2017. Be warned that this post is mostly directed to developers and IT departments hosting or are planning to host with us.

Halcyon is bringing a boost of approx 15% compared to v5.2 and should be the last release for the v5 mainline.

Coeus is our latest engine that works on reducing SQL requests, load balancing requests efficiently to our cluster and intelligently cache repeated requests for the SQL cluster.

Our current model is quite restrictive and difficult to work with,

especially for non experts. Our newest setup will allow 90% of the NodeJS applications to just work out of the box without any issues.

We have started deploying MSSQL to our shared hosting servers the last few months, in our initial setup clients do net get a full management web interface.

PHP Composer
We have had support for composer since Feb 2016 on demand. From 2017/01/09 we will enable access to composer for all accounts.

For more details please visit the blog post here:https://eservices-greece.com/news/blog/21-esg/esgblog/405-2017-update-development

Best Regards,
George Pantazis

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