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Emergency Maintenance on Server(s): Denethor

Due to an issue with an overheating HDD in the server that was producing multiple errors per second we had to perform emergency maintenance on the server. Unfortunately since we had to check all the hard disks for issues the server had to be brought to an offline state for approximately 2 minutes. The server is again up and functions properly. We removed the offending HDD and we have started a RAID rebuild, due to the size of the disks and the RAID type in the server the rebuild will take about 4 hours, during that time the server will have a high load.

We have made a change in the servers configuration and the Halcyon Engine has been allowed to use an extra 40GB of RAM and its moving even more web site content into its RAM cache to balance the low disk speed during the rebuild process, our bot will re-balance cache the moment the disk rebuild is finished.

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