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Halcyon Engine v5.2 Released

We are proud to announce the new release of our engine. This version is a bug fix and maintenance release, no new features were introduced.
Whats new?
  • Fixed: Data monitoring issue. The API was not returning the bandwidth counters properly.
  • Fixed: DNS Prefetching. DNS prefetching was not enabled automatically for most hosts, this fix reduces requests by at least 15%.
  • Fixed: SNMP Counters for DNS queries. The DNS query script was not pushing to the correct OID.
  • Fixed: RAM Allocation for Caching of older accounts. The RAM Allocation was not updating automatically for accounts prior to v5.0.
  • Fixed: Cache clean was delayed. During the
    asynchronous flush the Cache was wiped up to 5 minutes later.
  • Fixed: Early push to ssd cache. Hybrid Cloud servers were pushing objects out of RAM too early for smaller objects.
The next version of Halcyon (5.5 tentative) will be released as planned mid october 2016. The new version will bring a huge change especially in the reduction of requests. For all supported platforms we will be able to push a single minified and deflated CSS for the whole site reducing requests up to 50% in most cases and reducing the site weight up to 30% (faster mobile downloads).

All Shared Hosting servers are already using HE v5.2 using hot replacements, no downtime was required.

Best Regards,
We provide the Infrastructure for Your services.

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