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New Service: Cloud Storage (beta)

We would like to announce our new Cloud Storage service beta. From today we will be providing accounts to our cloud storage for testing. During the testing period the plans will be completely free.

Our solution is based on ownCloud that sits in front of our storage service.each instance is completely isolated and runs in a dedicated mode just for you and your users. Currently we provide full file management including sharing between users, groups and public, a gallery application to manage your images and a global announcement module so that you can send notifications to your users.

In the next days we will be adding numerous new features, including media playback(images, video and audio), calendars with the ability to connect to your ics calendars (eSG, Google, Microsoft, etc) and contact management.

Authentication is using our SSO infrastructure so you and your users can login directly using your own emails (if you have an email service with us). Each user that logs in during the testing period will get 1 GB of data immediately for the whole duration, after the testing is over we will downgrade the accounts to 256MB each and you will be able to continue using the service for ever.

The service is open to all of our customers and you can get access by ordering it in your members area, after you order the service the invoice will be canceled and you will not be billed in the future unless you upgrade to a plan after the beta.

If you are not a customer and you would like to get access to the beta, please create an account and order the service, during the beta our support department will be voiding invoices for the service, please note that after the beta is done you will not be able to use the service unless you upgrade to a plan, finally during the beta non customers cant deploy a custom dns for the storage service.

FAQ about the Cloud Storage
  • How do I register an account
    • You don't, your already have an account if you have an email address with us
  • Is there a limit on uploads/downloads ?
    • Yes, you are limited to 2 times your allocated storage, ie if you own a 1GB plan then you can download/upload 1GB of data per month.
  • Can I purchase more storage?
    • Yes, you can either add more storage directly to each user using the members area at a cost of 0.5 Euro / User / Month per 1 GB, or just purchase additional chunks from our storage service, that space is immediately shared between all of your accounts, including your email service and shared hosting.
  • Can I purchase more bandwidth?
    • Yes you can, you can add more bandwidth per month at 50GB / Month in our members area.
  • Can I mount the Cloud Storage service in my PC?
    • This service only supports webdav and object storage over our API, there are utilities that will allow you to mount them but it will be slow access. On the other hand, our Storage Service allows you to mount the storage directly even as a block device and that will include any files that are included in our cloud storage.

Best Regards,
We provide the Infrastructure for Your services.

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