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Major upgrade on our hosting environment

We would like to inform you that since 2016/05/18 03:00 our servers have a completely new setup to make your websites safer and a lot faster. Those changes are part of our next generation of cloud hosting.

These are the major changes that have been applied slowly the last 2 months:
For the last 2 months we have slowly integrated a wep application firewall to our hosting environment and we have been tweaking it in order to provide the silver line between protection and issues to your software. We are happy to announce that we have rules for more than 60 major applications
that are fully supported currently in our environment.

* Double stack moved to nginx
We have been using a double stack to serve your applications for more than 4 years now. In our previous setup our caching server and the application servers were Apache. Since today we have completely moved the caching server to nginx. Our internal testing showed a 20-22% decrease in latency and we expect a similar percentage to out production servers.

* Double the RAM
We have doubled the RAM used for caching for every customer. This would in most cases allow almost 30% of the customers application to be in RAM providing a huge speed bump for those objects that the app is serving most of the time.

* eMail security
It is a fact that users do not want to change their email passwords often, even if we probe them regularly about the fact. Due to this we have enabled a new engine that is safeguarding your account from password based attacks. Our engine will detect if the login process is legitimate and if not it will deny access to the email server before the attacker gets to even login. This makes the brute force attacks extremely slow.
Please note that this soluction only slows up an attacker (by a factor of 20), changing your password regularly and not using it on other services would greatly protect your account.

* Single Sign On
If you have been following us the last 2 years you would have noticed that we have been working on an SSO solution for all of our services. We are now proud to report that we have moved all of our services to our SSO. eSG is now a full on openID provider and by authenticating with your account in our system you get passwordless access to all fo our systems or any other 3rd party that suports an openID infrastructure.

We are currently working on the next part of our updates and changes, those include the move to a completely new SQL farm that will support MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL at the same time. Major changes to our DNS cluster (will be up in the next 3 weeks), a new PHP management system that will allow for more PHP versions to be accessible (including PHP 7), a new caching method based on redis, SEF reports for your application and many more features.

Finally we expect to have a big announcement for you in the next 3 weeks with the introduction of our new web site.

Best Regards,
George Pantazis
We provide the infrastructure for Your services.

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